Additional Artists and Acquisitions

David K. Anderson

Biography Realist artist, David K. Anderson, grew up in southern New England and spent much time as a child at the beach. He now resides in Providence, Rhode Island, close to the ocean, from where he draws his inspiration. The sand, the grass, the dunes and ever changing sky and sea provide Dave with a […]

John Bygott

Marc Civitarese

My paintings, though based in the landscape tradition, are cerebral and visceral explorations of the relationship of “man” and “nature”, and thus depart from a pure realist depiction of the world and move towards a more expressive sensibility.  By abstracting what I consider to be the elements of realism: shape, form, and light, my work […]

Judy Chaves

Artist Statement The core of my work is linked to the process of the distillation of subject matter. Working into a painting, wiping away, scraping and reworking leads to the exploration of the unknown aspects of the painting. Repetitive observation of the subject leads to a quite meditative state of mind. Avoiding the frustrations of […]

Scott Conary

I want a painting to have a form, a mass, a substance of the essential and mysterious beyond the formal matters of light and color. I want it to resonate with the idea of a place, thing or a history. To this end a painting is largely an act of intuition. The way a mark […]

Burl Dawson

Artist Statement Compositionally, there is a visual tension that occurs between forms as it creates space or depth in a painting. This tension has a psychological effect on our subconscious. Using somewhat of an impressionistic approach to painting I focus on the figure, landscape and its imagery. My intention is to have you, the viewer, […]

Mark Freedman

Artist Statement The urban environment possesses a unique ability to capture and hold light. There is a story in every image that I’ve rendered no matter how minor or cryptic. The beauty of our cities is sometimes obvious, but many more times, ironic. Love? Hate? For me, yes. I love to paint cities. I love […]

Ethan French

Artist Biography My work combines patience and action, the action of stopping to look carefully, the patience of describing why. I was born the son of two teachers in Greenwich, Ct. Among the most resonant lessons was the joy of creating from “scratch.” In cooking, in building, in art, there is always more enjoyment to […]

Kevin Gilmore

Artist Statement The simplicity of the grid form allows for the exploration of color and tonal composition while continuing to harmonize found papers in a non -linear narrative.  Often drawing from natural landscapes and occasionally from architecture, linear aspects have always found their way into my canvases.  The horizon line is the ultimate linear element.