Artist Statement

I started this new work in 2008 when I was anxious about everything. Fear ended up being a license to try something new.

I started working with separate painted elements and began collaging my paintings together. The works are determined by the decisions that arise along the way. Responses to images suggests their paint application: hard and soft edges, highly chromatic and misty. I stay open for as long as possible and watch the unfolding, engaging painting with a light touch.

I live in a complex reality of motherhood and daughterhood. I am witness to teenage brains that are forming and elderly brains that are in decline. Itʼs made me realize that life is held together by fragile membranes, and that the notion of self is really a process and not something fixed. I notice in my own brain certain simple images or themes become recurring obsessions. Currently, my mind ricochets between roses, gardens, campfires, and rabbits.

In the studio I am a person alone who makes things. I will spend today mulling over the problems that didnʼt get solved yesterday. I donʼt want to create a signature style but to make things I havenʼt seen before. It is all an ongoing search.

Press Release