Artist’s Statement – Camille Pisarro, the great impressionist, once said “blessed are those who see beauty in humble places, where others see nothing”. I think this speaks to what I believe is one of the most important traits a person must have to be an artist…the ability to see; to observe what others often miss; to take note of things that could be there one moment…gone the next. I’ve spent a lifetime observing the world around me, and capturing it on canvas. Over the years, mediums, styles and subjects have evolved, but my passion has never wavered, and I know that every artistic road I have taken has led me to the work I am creating today. The ocean, and water in general, has been a recurring theme in my work for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s an underwater theme, like my “Fish Series” paintings or a more traditional seascape, water flows through most of my art. My subject matter often tends toward the traditional, but the execution is anything but, and always features the inclusion of vintage paper elements. Whatever the subject, the final piece is always vibrant and colorful; at times whimsical; often unexpected; sometimes even nostalgic. Above all, decidedly unique.