Artist Biography

My work combines patience and action, the action of stopping to look carefully, the patience of describing why. I was born the son of two teachers in Greenwich, Ct. Among the most resonant lessons was the joy of creating from “scratch.” In cooking, in building, in art, there is always more enjoyment to be had when using what is available. “Home made”, “hand made” were descriptions that peaked interest. At Middlebury College I studied fiction writing, but also drawing and painting. At RISD I earned my Master of Architecture degree, but also studied painting and metal work. It would seem that the things I relegated to the sidelines have always been my favorites. But the critiques from my professors remain, they have shown me that I can never be finished growing. I have a son and daughter, a supportive wife, and have chosen to paint full time. This way I can create as it hits, and live immediately as a father and husband. “Scratch” is not just a baking term, but a way of looking and appreciating. To look at a day, the occupations of the people around me, the changing seasons, and light…that is why I paint.