I first brought brush to canvas 20 years ago.  My work was never intentional, it simply developed and evolved over time. My inspiration was anything outside of four walls.Using a variety of methods and processes I attempt to keep consistency in each piece. I start by building layers with palette knives, brushes, sponges and torches. Oil, wax, and fire complete the process.Though I work quite deliberately, employing both traditional and innovative techniques, I approach each piece of work with my fingers crossed wishing for a successful outcome.  I am often surprised at the shapes and forms that begin to appear in my work. I am always happy to be introduced to them. I strive to make sense visually, and hope the poetry will follow.If I could say it in words, I wouldn’t have to paint it.For this body of work I wanted to give myself permission to investigate new techniques in mixed medium.  My goal was to explore a loose interpretation of the subject matter…in this case, seascapes.