Kate Huntington grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and began painting and drawing before high school. Even in high school she gained a reputation among her peers as a portraitist and many of her schoolmates have portraits of themselves that they asked her to do. There was never a second’s doubt about what she would do with her life.

She went to RISD and has worked as a representational painter based in the Providence metropolitan area continuously since 1976. Her work is shown in and about New England in galleries and museums and featured in several distinguished books. Also, in the fall of 2007, about a dozen of Kate’s paintings can be spotted in various scenes on the award winning Showtime TV drama “Brotherhood”. Her paintings and drawings are found in numerous national and international private and corporate collections. She is a member of The Copley Society in Boston and a former member of The Art league of RI.

Ms. Huntington works out of her Providence, RI studio. Members of the local artist community come together regularly at the studio for the study of the portrait and figurative work.

Ms. Huntington is an artist’s artist. Many seek her judgment and advice. She pursues a poetic vision with the stubbornness of Cezanne and has never hesitated to sacrifice whatever she needed to in the service of her work. The result is a quality of visual poetry and truth and a communication that is refreshing, comforting, and moving.