My paintings, though based in the landscape tradition, are cerebral and visceral explorations of the relationship of “man” and “nature”, and thus depart from a pure realist depiction of the world and move towards a more expressive sensibility.  By abstracting what I consider to be the elements of realism: shape, form, and light, my work thus becomes and introspective exploration of my feelings and thoughts of man, nature, and spirituality.
Each painting is a memory, a reflection of my observations of nature, which are reduced, distilled, and refined to the pure elements that engaged and provoked a response from me.
The sense of spirituality is further enhanced in the new works by unsettled skies and atmosphere.  By this introduction of a more “realist” sky, the work is pulled more into the here and now, more into a sense of a specific time and reflection.  I also believe it moves the work from a more universal moment into one that is more solitary and personal.
I want one, upon looking at my work, to leave with a feeling that they have been invited to venture into part of my inner world, to understand my desires, and to learn what beauty means to me.