Artist Statement

Susan Freda was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design where she earned her BFA and at the Massachusetts College of Art for her MFA. She has received numerous awards, notably a residency & exhibition at the de Young Museum & a Pollock Krasner Award.

Transparency, form, and flowing line, the play of cast shadows and light on a wall, sparkling, subtle states of being that invoke intimate, emotive responses. Freda imbues her pieces with an ephemeral presence and ability to catch and hold light and form.  Created from hand woven wire and glass, her pieces envelope viewers in a seductive, entranced space. Their transparent and interconnected forms and jewel-like nature reference nature, fashion, and otherworldly phenomena.

Freda’s work is inspired by numerous sources, some of which include: Giacometti’s stretched and elongated figures, Judi Pfaff’s installations and deft use of material; and the sculptures of Anish Kapoor. Her art explores the transient, poetic, and ephemeral experiences of our world—intimacy & emotion, and offers a space for their consideration.